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The Unexpected Benefit of Being Bad at Yoga

The first time I stepped foot in a hot yoga studio, it was packed. I took the only spot available, a sliver of space by the front mirror. I could barely breathe and I sweat through pores I didn’t even know I had, but when I looked up into that mirror, I saw a room full of peaceful people doing incredible things with their bodies. I was hooked.
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Prolite Mats

One of the most common questions asked when people start a yoga practice is “what mat do you use?” Everyone has their own opinion and preference, but at Yoga Six we believe in Manduka's PROlite mat.Read More

6K Fun Run in St. Louis

Have you ever wanted to run 6K AND support a great cause?! Now is your chance! Join us for our first ever 6K Fun Run through Forest Park. The evening will include fun with yoga, running, live music, and more. Proceeds benefit our friends at Pedal the Cause.Read More