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Cultivating Healthy Habits

The holiday season is just around the corner and it can be difficult to maintain healthy habits through the winter months. Thanks to neuroscience and psychology we have learned a lot about how we form and change habits. These insights can help us stay on track even with all the distractions the holiday seasons bring.

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Yoga & Cancer: Practicing for a Better Tomorrow

Cancer, in a way, is an expression of disconnection. Certain cells, disconnected and no longer working within the harmony of the whole, take up their own agenda and start to cause all sorts of health problems within the body.

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The Unexpected Benefit of Being Bad at Yoga

The first time I stepped foot in a hot yoga studio, it was packed. I took the only spot available, a sliver of space by the front mirror. I could barely breathe and I sweat through pores I didn’t even know I had, but when I looked up into that mirror, I saw a room full of peaceful people doing incredible things with their bodies. I was hooked.
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