Hot Yoga

A highly structured class with a set sequence, Hot Yoga takes place in a heated room for increased detoxification, circulation and elasticity of the muscles.

Hot Yoga is a highly structured, set sequence class that lays the foundation for a heated yoga practice. The practice room is heated above body temperature and holds a consistent and relatively high humidity to warm the body. In a heated environment muscles are more supple, which facilitates movement, and capillaries dilate, which promotes circulation and detoxification. Sweat rate, which is also higher in a hot class, is often associated with detoxification and elimination. While there is some truth to that, sweating is actually a cooling response produced by the body to regulate temperature. Hot Yoga is an accessible class for students with a baseline fitness level.

Common Postures:

Warrior poses, chair, single leg balances, twists and backbends. 

Body Benefits:

Strength, Flexibility, balance

While many associate hot yoga with Bikram Yoga the two are not the same. Bikram is a specific style of yoga that became popularized in the early 1970’s. Classes are 90 minutes long and consist of a 26 posture sequence. The practice room is heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity, and the teaching style is more aggressive and rigid than most yoga classes. In contrast, hot yoga is not a style of yoga. Postures and sequencing vary by studio, as do the temperature, humidity and class length.

At Yoga Six, all Hot Yoga classes follow the same core sequence but the experience is always unique.  Teaching style, instructional cues, and musical selections vary from teacher to teacher - and we always give students the option to take on an advanced pose, or take a rest, when needed. One interesting thing about set sequence classes is that they allow you to notice the differences in your body from day to day. Removing poses as the variable helps you tune in, and highlights your progress!




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