Cristina Najjar

While running a private sector education firm Cristina began practicing yoga as a way to connect to her body and unwind her mind. Her journey evolved and intensified with the loss of her mother in 2009. She used the time on her mat to grieve and gather a new source of abundance, and in her desire to share this peace with others, transitioned to become a yoga teacher.

Her studies include a 200HR Vinyasa Yoga Certification from Yoga Six and a 200HR Yoga Certification at Yogis Anonymous; she has over 1,000 teaching hours acknowledged by Yoga Alliance.

Cristina infuses her classes with lessons in academia and creates progressive learning environments where students can benefit physically and mentally. She teaches a measured vinyasa flow with a focus on correct form, bringing in novel elements from other disciplines such as pilates, dance and cross fit.

In addition to yoga, Cristina also teaches ballet inspired fitness classes and mat pilates where she draws insights from her time studying dance.

Cristina has a passion for travel and has visited 25 countries so far in her life. She has spent the last few years in Dubai, UAE completing an MBA and teaching an international clientele.

Cristina is currently working on an advanced yoga training.