10 Seconds to Calm: How Yoga Will Help Calm Your Mind and Your Life

August 10 | The Practice |



Our devices were designed to make our lives easier. There literally is an app for everything – catch up on shows, check the scores, learn how to braid, learn how to build, get ideas, share ideas, and so on. With ease, we can solve virtually any problem (all puns intended). Now that we have quick thumbs and fast resources, we can do more and more – at one time.

The grand idea is to get our stuff done so we can enjoy the sweet life. But life seems busier than ever. And louder than ever! Traffic, alarms, ringtones, text chimes, chatter and TV are constantly exciting our brains. The combination of busy-ness and constant noise can overstimulate the senses and leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and tired.

We’re all for good music and great conversation, but our brains do need a break. In fact, your entire body does. Yoga and meditation techniques will help you deflate your overstimulation bubble. Make getting to yoga a priority because the tools you gain from taking that time for yourself will improve your health and your mood.

The lessons learned in yoga will help calm your mind and your life. You learn how to:

  • Breathe deep
  • Hold steady and calmly
  • Slow down when you want to move fast
  • Leave it all behind
  • Be present
  • Be kind to yourself (and others)
  • Trust yourself
  • Be flexible

It’s pretty amazing that a yoga practice can teach you so much. But as they say, the real yoga starts the moment you step off your yoga mat. If you’re feeling angry, overwhelmed or distraught during the day, apply what you learn from yoga.

Try one of these quick yoga techniques to better your mood and bring you calm in just 10 seconds:

  • Close your eyes
  • Inhale deeply in and deeply out
  • Smile
  • Stop, drop and downward dog
  • Do one sun salutation
  • Legs Up the Wall pose
  • Put both feet flat on the ground
  • If all else fails (which it won’t), lie down in savasana

Use one or all of these techniques throughout your day. At the office, home, grocery store, parking lot. Pick and choose the appropriate place to get your calm on. No eyes closed while driving! You deserve a break and sometimes 10 seconds is all it takes.