5 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training (even if you have no intention of teaching)

February 1 | The Lifestyle | The Practice |


Do you have a curiosity to learn more about the art and science of yoga through a modern-day approach? Do you have a desire to grow physically, mentally, emotionally in every aspect of your practice? Has the thought of teaching yoga ever crossed your mind?

Ask your favorite yoga teacher what their experience of teacher training was, and I can confidently say that most, if not all, will beam that it was the best thing they have ever done.

Regardless of whether you are a year into your practice, or a seasoned veteran, if you have a curiosity to dive deeper, a desire to grow, a craving for greater connection to yourself and others, an eagerness to know why down dog feels good in your body or why a backbend may not, I encourage you to follow the impulse and commit to taking a teacher training. I guarantee you will not be sorry.

Choosing to attend teacher training comes with an incredible amount of unforeseen benefits that truly are life-changing. Here are 5 good reasons to leave the “could have’s, should have’s, would have’s” in the past and make the choice to enhance your present and your future.  

1. Propel Your Personal Yoga Practice

There truly is no better way to learn about your body and strengthen your practice than in a teacher training. Everyone’s physical, mental and emotional structure is different, so having the opportunity to observe how the mind is participating (or battling) throughout the practice and what you are feeling along the way, in addition to breaking down postures, exploring the optimum alignment principles in each pose, understanding modifications and variations specific to each individual is incredibly eye-opening and empowering. The result is a stronger body, a deeper mind-body connection and a greater efficiency and effectiveness in the practice itself. 

2. Growth + Deeper Self-Understanding

The number one thing I hear from students that graduate from our program is “This experience has changed my life, thank you”. Throughout the training we explore various maps that the science of yoga offers. These maps illuminate how you view yourself and the world around you, they also provide a way of identifying patterns that are playing out in your life and relationships. As awareness expands, students become privy to the positive and negative consequences of certain patterns of behavior. The beauty is, once an awareness is there, the opportunity to change also exists.  Growth is a guarantee and you may in fact grow, in ways you never thought possible.

3. Learn Life-Enhancing Skills

The YogaSix Teacher Training program was designed to maximize the opportunity of having student’s attention and commitment for 3 months. Graduates leave with a high caliber skillset to lead group yoga classes, along with the tools and wisdom that when applied, will enhance everyday life. Also praised by participants is improved communication skills, the ability to respond verses react when life throws a curve ball, increased awareness, deeper connections and genuine relationships, a deeper sense of compassion and empathy for self and others.

4. New Friends + Authentic Connections

Without a doubt, one of the gifts of participating in a teacher training is the immediate community that participants land into. I have never seen relative strangers so willing to show up and support one another through process, growth and learning. The collective is powerful, particularly when there is an element of vulnerability. Participants cultivate strong bonds and stay connected long after training is complete and often make lifelong friends.

5. Become a Leader + Teacher

Teacher training will support you in becoming the best version of yourself and naturally, the inherent leader within emerges. This creates a ripple effect that inspires others in your circle and extended community to rise up.

Although our program has a 5-star rating for turning out stellar teachers, around 40% of participants begin the program with no desire to teach what-so-ever. Regardless of if you decide to teach yoga classes or not, participants become teachers of life by leading by example, sharing everyday insight and experience with others, so it truly is a win-win.

Katie Brauer, Creator of YTT at YogaSix

As the creator of the YogaSix Teacher Training Program I have blended 20 years of experience to bring a truly comprehensive certification that supports various learning styles, is deeply rooted in science and educates participants in understanding the ancient art of yoga through a modern-day approach. Having certified over 600+ graduates our program has been fine tuned to provide an experience that is second to none.

Participants leave with a vast knowledge of the history and philosophy of yoga, along with insight into the mechanics of the body, alignment principles of the postures, the power of the breath, and the value of empowerment, all amongst the magic of community.

More about Katie Brauer

Originally from Sydney Australia, Katie Brauer is a former Professional Snowboarder, Ted-X Speaker, International Yoga and Wellness Educator, and Personal Transformation Expert.

A trail blazer with a modern and empowering approach to personal development and transformation, Katie offers online courses, live programs and retreats to teach and support others in stepping into their power and creating a financially abundant and fulfilling life they love.  Having led tens of thousands of people over the past decade, Katie has distilled down the core elements of what it takes to feel empowered, happy and fulfilled. She brings wisdom to the table, shines light on your dust, gives you the tools to embrace it or clear it, move it, and shift it out, making space for your best self.