6 Moves to Sculpt Your Booty

May 9 | The results |


by Y6 Boot Camp Trainer, Lanai Moliterno 

Give your booty that extra punch! When it comes to packing a serious workout to sculpt your booty, you have to focus on building muscle. These donkey kicks will have your tush toned. Donkey kicks work your lower back (latissimus dorsi), core (rectus abdominis) and glutes (gluteus maximus).  All three muscle groups are engaged with every lift, making them a great alternative to squats. (No equipment needed – just some floor space and a mat.)



Starting Position

Position your body on all fours so that your hands (or forearms) are directly under your shoulders (shoulder width apart) and your knees are below your hips (hip width).  Your legs are at 90 degrees with your ankle in flexion and toes pointing down.  Start with your right leg.  

If you are not comfortable with being on all fours then you can perform these exercises standing with your hands on the wall in front of you for support. 


1. Donkey Kick (10 – 20x)

Lift right leg to hip height and lower back down. Keep the abdominal muscles engaged as you lift and lower your leg.   

2. Donkey Pulses (10 – 20x) 

Start with the right leg lifted to hip height.  Pulse the right leg toward the ceiling.  It is a small movement that originates from the right glute.  Avoid moving the back, by keeping the abdominal muscles engaged.


3. Donkey Kick Cross (10-20x)

Start with the right leg lifted to hip height. Cross the right leg behind the left and back up. Focus on squeezing the inner thighs together as you cross legs.


4. Donkey Diagonal (10 -20x)

Lift your right knee to the side to hip height, slightly open your hips and turn your knee out to the side (diagonal). For more space, bring your right palm down instead of both forearms down.

5. Donkey Diagonal Pulses (10-20x)

Start with the knee lifted in the diagonal position. Pulse your right leg toward the upper corner of the room. Outer thigh muscles engage to lift the leg. Inner thigh muscles engage to lower the leg. Engage the oblique muscles to stabilize the core.


6. Donkey Cross to Kick Side (10-20x)

Combine all the previous movements! Cross the right knee behind the left. Lift the same leg to hip height. Turn your knee out towards the right then extend your leg out to the side like a kick.  Press through the heel as you kick to engage the glute muscle.

REPEAT Left Side


Lanai was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by a family of health and fitness enthusiasts. After moving to San Diego she became a certified ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and recently became a 200RYT. She also holds certificates in Sculpt, HIIT and Barre. Her love of people and the health industry allowed her to blossom in her career path. Her classes will be challenging, yet welcoming, and always fun!