Beginner Friendly Yoga: Taylor's Favorite YogaSix Classes

March 5 | The Practice |


One of the things I love about YogaSix —and yoga in general—is how there truly is a class for everyone. YogaSix has a lot of beginner friendly yoga classes! As I’ve previously shared about my yoga journey, I am one of the most inflexible, non-athletic, low-impact people you’ll ever meet (and the first to admit it, too). I’ve never been able to touch my toes (#tighthamstrings), running is nearly impossible with my shin splints, and I actually hate sweating (I did enough of that living in Florida for the last thirteen years).

YogaSix has more yoga classes that I enjoy than I ever thought were possible. Yes, some are slightly heated (80-88 degrees Fahrenheit is the normal range). Yes, some require quicker movements than others. And yes, some demand a little more flexibility than I personally have, but I still enjoy them—and most importantly—always leave feeling fantastic afterward.

Here Are My Favorite Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes at YogaSix:

Beginner Friendly Yoga Restorative:

This is a class which, despite feeling as though you’re doing absolutely nothing, I actually—according to my Apple Watch—burn just as many calories as I do in a “higher level” class like Flow or Vinyasa. Restorative is all about learning how to calm the mind and in turn, suppress the nervous system. It’s more about bringing the ground to you through the use of props, and less about bringing yourself to the ground through active, pressing-into-the-floor poses. Learning to surrender and let go is one of the biggest lessons I have learned from restorative yoga.

Beginner Friendly Yoga Flow:

For me, Flow is the perfect balance between Vinyasa, Restorative, and Deep Stretch. It’s just enough to feel like I am getting a good workout, sweating a little, all while stretching most of my body at the same time. The speed is right on my personal “fast” threshold, and that’s what makes it so great. Flow is a class I’d recommend to beginners, especially those who like a slightly quicker pace than a gentle yoga class.

Beginner Friendly Yoga Deep Stretch:

Every instructor teaches Deep Stretch a little differently, but that’s part of what makes this class so enjoyable. It’s a class that the instructor will often customize based on what students say they want to work on. The poses are held for just enough time to feel a good “burn”, while the transitions are slower than a Flow/Vinyasa class. It’s a class virtually anyone can do—yoga experience or not, and it’s a class that could easily be done every day in addition to another workout routine.

Beginners Ready To Take The Next Step Vinyasa:

From day one, I’ve felt extremely challenged in Vinyasa classes and that’s something that has yet to get easier, and I don’t think it ever will. Vinyasa is the perfect balance for those looking for a challenge, but also maintains a steady arc with your heart-rate, peaking in the middle of class. This is not a class I’d recommend for someone who has never done yoga, as it can move quickly at times, and can be intimidating when some of the inversions (for me: all of the inversions) feel impossible to do. Even though Vinyasa challenges me, it’s still one of my favorites on the schedule!

Check out our schedule to find one Taylor’s favorite at your local studio: