Challenge your body in new ways! Y6 Performance classes bring dumbbells, bands and bodyweight exercises into the studio – without the yoga. It’s high intensity fitness, focused training that strengthens your body, and creates physical stability for a your active life. You can customize the impact level to suit YOUR needs, whatever your fitness goals may be. Leave your shoes at the door, and come prepared to work, sweat, and build strength.

Boot Camp is a total body workout, not a yoga class! It is an intense, cross training workout that uses dumbbells, bands and body weight exercises to challenge muscular strength and endurance and cardiovascular thresholds. This class leverages principles of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and functional training methodologies. 

Common Poses:

Lunges, squats, push-ups, bicep curls, overhead press, planks, mountain climbers, plyometric exercises

Body Benefits:

Strength, power, agility

Strong, well-conditioned muscles are naturally more powerful and ready for action, and weight training is the most efficient way to build strength and lean muscle mass. Strength training is also great for bone health and is often linked to increased metabolic activity, because lean muscle needs more energy than fat to sustain itself.

Boot Camp at Yoga Six is probably very similar to other Boot Camp or HIIT classes you’ve taken with one big exception – we do not wear shoes in this class! Our studios are shoes free, regardless of class. In Boot Camp students set up with a mat, light and heavy weights, a resistance band (and sometimes a weighted ball). Expect a fun playlist and loud, high energy music throughout.

No yoga experience is needed for Boot Camp – this is a fitness class. If you’re a regular at the gym expect a good challenge that tires you out in an energizing way. If haven’t worked out in a while expect a little DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness – and know that it will subside in a day or two.


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