Dive deeper into your yoga practice! Our Y6 Vinyasa advanced classes connect movement to breath while working towards more challenging postures. Develop strength, flexibility and stamina as you challenge your body and mind. These classes are led by expert instructors who will skillfully guide the class towards a specific posture, theme or focus, all while incorporating in breath work (pranayama) and yogic philosophy.

Vinyasa is an advanced practice that connects dynamic movement, sustained postures and breath. Each class begins with gentle warm up movements (pratapana) designed to build heat throughout the body. Special attention is placed on the 6 movements of the spine: extension and flexion and right and left lateral side bending and rotation. As class progresses you can expect creative sequences and unique transitions that intelligently open and prepare your body for a peak posture.

Common Postures:

Sun salutations, standing postures, balancing poses, deep twists, inversions, binds, arm balances and creative transitions.

Body Benefits:

Cardiovascular health, mental acuity, mood elevating.

The Sanskrit translation for the word vinyasa is "to place in a special way." In a vinyasa class each movement is a gradual progression from one to the next, paired with the breath in dance-like fashion. Most vinyasa yoga classes are very fluid and culminate with a peak pose, usually about 10-15 minutes before the cooling sequence and savasana. 

At Yoga Six, our Vinyasa classes are 60 or 75 minutes long, depending on the studio schedule, and are taught by our most experienced teachers. Arrive curious and open minded and, most importantly, allow your body to inform your flow. Challenge yourself to explore your edge if it feels right, and give yourself permission to back off or modify postures as needed. Let the practice be an experience. Over time, it will naturally evolve.


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