5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

November 20 | The Lifestyle | The Practice |


The “Holiday Season” means many different things to different people. What does the “holiday season” mean to you?

Whether you enjoy this time of year or not, you can still benefit from the elemental meaning of Thanksgiving – thankfulness – by practicing gratitude. ..

According to Psychology Today, “gratitude is perhaps the most important key to finding success and happiness.”

Over the course of the holiday season, use some of your time and energy to practice gratitude for 2017 and set a positive tone for the New year.

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Pay it Forward

Thousands of years ago, Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said “Great acts are made of up of small deeds.”

Small gestures of kindness go a long way. What small thing can you do to pay it forward?

Send a “thinking of you card”. Give someone flowers for no reason. Bake for a friend. Buy the next person in-line’s coffee. Shovel your neighbor’s path. Hold a door open for a stranger. Smile.

Give someone else a reason to practice

Write a 2017 Gratitude List

Grab your calendar and a piece of paper (if you journal, grab that, too!).

Get comfortable and quiet.

Using  your calendar + journal for inspiration – move month by month through 2017 and practice gratitude by writing what you’re grateful for… You can write lists or paragraphs – simply take some time reflect and feel good about all the wonderful things that happened in 2017.

Write a December 2017 Manifestation List

Think of 1-3 things you want to manifest into your life in December:

-I meditate 5 minutes everyday.

– I commit to more down time and say “no” to requests.

– I sign up for Yoga Teacher Training.

The opportunities are endless. Make your list. Then, rewrite your list as it’s already happened. For example:

January 1st, 2018

-I am so grateful I mediated for 5 minutes everyday in December.

-I am so grateful I stayed in more last month. I feel so grounded.

-I am so grateful I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training. I am so excited to learn more about yoga and to challenge myself.

Feel grateful for all of the amazing things that will happen next month. 


Take some time for you.

Get a massage. Walk outside. Enjoy a delicious latte. Spend time with a friend. Spend time alone. Read. Rest. Move. Eat well. Eat ice-cream. Turn off your cellphone. Call an old friend. Nap. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. Smile.

Share Your Abundance 

I guarantee – unless you’re truly embracing the minimalist life – that you have 10 things in your closet you have not worn in 2017.

Practice gratitude for all you have by giving some of it away.

Take 30 minutes and pull the things you honestly know you’ll never wear again out of your closet. And give those items to someone who can benefit from your abundance!



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