The Link Between Yoga & Good Posture

May 13 | The results | The Science |


We live in a forward facing world – sitting behind computers, driving in cars, preparing dinner, carrying children – all of which wreaks havoc on posture. Over time the spine becomes curved, our shoulders round forward and we are moving about the world with compromised spinal alignment (or bad posture). Poor posture has been linked with lower energy levels, depression and body aches and pains. Good posture, on the other hand, can make us look taller, appear thinner and feel more confident.

What is the link between yoga and improved posture?

  1. Awareness: Good posture is all about being aware of your body. A regular yoga practice brings increased awareness to your thoughts, feelings and body.
  2. Strength: Maintaining good posture throughout the day – straight spine, square shoulders, chin up, chest out, core engaged – requires a strong spine and engaged core. Regularly practicing yoga poses like baby cobra, locust and boat strengthen core muscles and will improve your posture over time.
  3. Flexibility: Tight chest and hip flexor muscles pull the body forward, forcing the spine into flexion. Yoga poses that focus on spinal and hip extension, like upward facing dog and low lunge, open the front body and counter slouching.

Just like our bad habits developed over time, our good habits take time to build back up as well. Practicing yoga a few times per week is an easy and healthy way to improve your posture. People who stand tall look more confident, appear thinner, and feel energized.

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