Why Men Should Do Yoga (Infographic)

July 19 | The Practice |


The benefits of yoga are significant for men, from better mental health to enriched physical fitness. Learn more about why you should do yoga.


Why Men Should Do Yoga


Overall Health Benefits

  • Improved heart health: Yoga postures are held for extended periods, building stamina, cardiovascular strength and improving the health of your heart.
  • Learn your strengths and limits: Yoga is about goal setting and intention, but it’s also about knowing when not to push yourself too hard.
  • Improved overall health: Because yoga focuses on breath and stretching, and can be customized for injury or differing abilities, yoga can help you rehabilitate after an injury and helps your overall health by lowering blood pressure.


Mental Benefits

  • Stress relief: While other exercise can make you feel amped up or more aggressive, yoga employs relaxation techniques and pranayama (breath awareness) that lower your cortisol and help you combat stress when life gets tough.
  • Improved focus: Yoga requires focus and mindful relaxation, which are skills that translate to other facets of your life, helping you remain calm and maintain your concentration more often. (or “in stressful situations.” vs. “more often.”)
  • Improved confidence: Yoga helps your balance and posture, which can in turn improve the way you carry your body, as well as improving your self-confidence.


Physical Benefits

  • Improved flexibility: Yoga includes spinal twists, hip flexes, and other postures that improve your range of motion and overall flexibility to help your body avoid injury, heal faster and purge toxins.
  • Improved strength: You strengthen muscles in yoga through long, extended postures and exercises that build even muscle mass in a variety of different ways for better overall conditioning and endurance.
  • Stronger core muscles: The movements in yoga help build a strong core, which improves your balance and helps support your other muscles and joints, decreasing the likelihood of injury.

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