Navigating Challenge & Chaos with Katie Brauer

December 15 | The Lifestyle |


Now is the time for reflection on the year behind us and preparation for the year ahead. Each new year comes with its own challenges and transitions. Katie Brauer, creator of the YogaSix Yoga Teacher Training, has a unique online learning opportunity to help you mindfully navigate challenges and chaos in the coming year. 

A Message from Katie

The dawn of a new year is on the horizon and for many folks, 2016 was extraordinarily challenging (myself included), and 2017, cannot get here fast enough. Regardless of the year you have had, as the end is fast approaching, it’s a wonderful opportunity to pause for introspection and reflection on the triumphs and challenges that presented themselves along the way and acknowledge how you showed up to play the game of life during this orbit around the sun.


We are not strangers to the fact that at times life can be incredibly joyful and elating, and at other times, it is extremely challenging and difficult. I truly believe that each of us is doing the best that we can with the tools and resources we have. Some of us evidently have more tools, practice and skill than others, but at the end of the day, we are all in this wild and oftentimes unpredictable human experience together.


The path of the modern day yogi is a willingness to embrace the entire spectrum of emotion and experience that life has to offer, choose to participate, reflect, refine, grow and so on. The beauty of yoga is that it provides the tools and many road maps to gain insight, expand awareness and ultimately better navigate the highs and the lows with greater skill. This is why I am so passionate about yoga and people: when the two come together, magic happens. As a facilitator of transformation, I literally get to see people change before my eyes. For transformation to take place, it’s requires a combination of the student being open to receiving a new idea or concept, followed by a willingness to try it on and experiment with it in their life, and ultimately a commitment and dedication to doing the work. The results speak for themselves. Change, growth, greater fulfillment, a deeper sense of peace and an ability to let go and rest into life itself.


This past year for me, has been the most difficult year I have had in my 39 years of existence. A sequential tidal wave of heart breaking and soul stretching experiences. Between my father passing away, my husband being in grave danger performing special operations missions for the U.S military in the Middle East, juggling a full-time career at the same time as being a mom to an 18 month old, having major upheaval and change in multiple aspects of my life and - to top it all off - getting some life changing personal health news… To say it has been rough would be an understatement. To see the look in my father’s eyes, when I chose to say goodbye and board a plane from Sydney back to the U.S, both of us knowing it would be the last time to ever see one another again, (he passed a few days later), was the type of experience that put me and all of my yoga tools to the test. Although these experiences have pushed and stretched me, and at times I really thought I might break, I have found immense solace in the simple practice of mindfulness and the tried and true techniques I have honed and refined over the years, that I share with students and teach in my classes, courses and trainings.


If you, too, are committed to walking the path with more skill and ease in 2017, I invite you to join me for a FREE Online Training where I will share 3 simple-to-implement and totally life-changing tools that supported me at a time of challenge and chaos in 2016.


These tools supported me in rising up to meet challenge and navigate chaos and can support you too.


There is tremendous value in having a guide, and I enjoy nothing more than sharing powerful teachings and supporting others on their path.


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About Katie


Originally from Sydney Australia, Katie Brauer is a former Professional Snowboarder, Ted-X Speaker, International Yoga and Wellness Educator, and Personal Transformation Expert. 

A trail blazer with a modern and empowering approach to personal development and transformation, Katie offers online courses, live programs and retreats to teach and support others in stepping into their power and creating a financially abundant and fulfilling life they love.  Having led tens of thousands of people over the past decade, Katie has distilled down the core elements of what it takes to feel empowered, happy and fulfilled. She brings wisdom to the table, shines light on your dust, gives you the tools to embrace it or clear it, move it, and shift it out, making space for your best self.