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"I've always ignored the ways in which my body has changed. I stopped paying attention because I was so used to failing, I didn't want to deal with further disappointment. The before photo is in 2012. I had been practicing yoga for years, but I never fully committed myself to it. One day, about last year, I saw an old friend in Jimbo's named Matt Caron. He asked me if I had been practicing still and I told him I hadn't for a while because I couldn't afford to practice at a studio. He told me that the studio he worked at was looking for people to come in and clean the studio for three hours a week in exchange for unlimited yoga. So I sat on it a couple days.. and decided to go in. I walked in the front doors and I was home.


I began doing yoga for trade at Yoga Six which allowed me to practice every single day, sometimes even twice a day. I was inspired to join the teacher training that Yoga Six offered and in doing so was provided with the opportunity to fall in love with myself for the first time.

I developed the relationship with my body that I never had and began to feel better than ever. But even more importantly, I was in an environment that's values have become instilled in my life: growth, connection, passion, truth, quality, and safety. Being a part of Yoga Six has changed my life, changed the way I view others and in turn, changed the way I view myself.


This second photo was taken a few days ago. If the pictures could tell you something besides just what you see when you look at them it would be this: Although physical differences seem as though they require physical work, I would argue that the mindset is where real change begins.


When you embody positive thoughts, you receive only positive outcomes. I love Yoga Six!"me.