5 Yoga Poses for the Holidays


The 2016 holiday season is here. Soon, the stresses of meal planning, gift buying, house cleaning, and party planning will threaten to steal the joy from the season. The practice of yoga is important not just in physical health, but in mental wellbeing. The practice of yoga aids in the training of the mind to overcome obstacles, provide peace, and cultivate mindfulness. SLM spoke with Yoga Six’s Ana Llewellyn about six simple yoga poses you can practice at your desk or in your kitchen to be calm and present this holiday season.

I developed the relationship with my body that I never had and began to feel better than ever. But even more importantly, I was in an environment that's values have become instilled in my life: growth, connection, passion, truth, quality, and safety. Being a part of Yoga Six has changed my life, changed the way I view others and in turn, changed the way I view myself.


This second photo was taken a few days ago. If the pictures could tell you something besides just what you see when you look at them it would be this: Although physical differences seem as though they require physical work, I would argue that the mindset is where real change begins.


When you embody positive thoughts, you receive only positive outcomes. I love Yoga Six!"me.