October Yoga Challenge: Daily Quotes to Challenge Yourself Off The Yoga Mat

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October Yoga Challenge

The lessons we learn through your yoga practice are applicable well beyond the mat. You can apply your these lessons to your daily life to assist in living a better life in the yoga studio and in the world.

Join us in our October Yoga Challenge and use these daily quotes to complement your experience on the mat. Discover how to apply our Monday Mantras and continue to dig deep into how your yoga practice can also improve your life.

October 1: Embrace Mindfulness
Go slow and breathe deep to help settle the mind. Sometimes taking 10 seconds out of your day to close your eyes, breathe and be mindful is the one thing that will help focus your awareness. Practice mindfulness anywhere: at your desk, on the sofa, in a waiting room, even in a traffic jam.

October 2: Monday Mantra – Stronger
Strength isn’t just physical. The challenging aspects of life require mental strength, too. Improve your physical strength by staying active—take the stairs, dance in the living room, go for a walk at lunchtime. But don’t neglect your mental strength—focus on your beliefs, don’t worry about things out of your control, find ways to accept discomfort in and out of yoga and progress through it.

October 3: Be Present
Most of us are in the habit of looking down the road at the next thing. Instead, focus on staying present and enjoying what each moment has to offer. Enjoy a quiet moment with your breakfast and listen to the world waking up. Focus on your asana without anticipating what comes next. Take a moment to notice the sun behind the clouds or the sound of your coworker’s laugh.

October 4: Revolution
Want to make a change? Whether it’s a large change or a small one, commit to creating your own revolution. Change the way you think about the world. Become active in a cause that means something to you, a friend, or a family member. Begin a transformation in the way you live your life. Even small revolutions in your life are meaningful.

October 5: Find the Positive
Some days it’s hard to stay positive, so get in the habit of seeking positive in the world. Express gratitude for what you have. Focus on the good things that come out of challenging situations. Write down good things that happen to you each day. Focus on what you can do, it’s a lot more than you give yourself credit for, instead of what you can not. Even small acts of optimism can turn a day around.

October 6: Be Truthful
Honesty is indeed the best policy, so practice living in the truth. If you’re consistently truthful, people will trust you more and be more open to being truthful with you, too. Being honest with yourself and with others will allow you to feel good about yourself and live your best life.

October 7: Keep It Simple
Often, the simplest things are the most enjoyable. It’s the little things, right? Eliminate distractions and focus on what’s important. Spend time outdoors and with people you love. If you’re feeling off balance, do the things that help you feel aligned and in control. Don’t complicate your life with too much stuff—practice keeping things simple!

October 8: Stretch
Whether it’s physically or emotionally, we often find our greatest strengths when we stretch ourselves. Stretch your muscles, stretch your boundaries, stretch your soul and you’ll find you’re capable of more than you ever thought possible. You cannot grow without stretching, or you’ll break. Practice slow, careful stretching to reach your full potential.

October 9: Monday Mantra – Leaner
Unburden yourself and live leaner by letting go of things you don’t need. These could be physical things, like clothing you don’t wear anymore or clutter that complicates your space. Or, practice eliminating unnecessary worry or guilt you carry through your life. If you can release your hold on things that bog you down, you’ll feel leaner, lighter and more in control.

October 10: Be Wise
Commit to understanding, culture and lifelong learning, you’ll find your life is enriched more than you could have expected. The more you expand your ability to think and understand, the more you’ll find yourself connecting with others and the world around you, and the more fulfilled you’ll be overall.

October 11: Be Committed
One life’s biggest challenges is to commit fully to something. However, the satisfaction you’ll feel once you do follow through with your commitment is well worth it. No matter what you commit to—a consistent yoga practice, a daily meditation, a healthier diet, more time with friends—you’ll feel good knowing you’re steadfast.

October 12: Be Compassionate
Find ways to show kindness and consideration to yourself and to others. When you make a mistake, be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the compassion to feel your feelings and then move on. When others are suffering, be compassionate and help alleviate that suffering however you can.

October 13: Find Peace
Create peace in your own life by being open and honest to help circumvent conflict. Find peace within yourself by being mindful and present, letting go of things that do not ultimately matter. Let go of negatively, let go of worry and avoid hostility inside yourself and with others. Allow yourself the beauty of peace.

October 14: Be Forgiving
Forgiveness is essential to happiness and peace because without forgiveness, we can never move forward. Forgive yourself when you don’t achieve your goals. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Forgive others’ mistakes, even when they don’t treat you with the kindness or respect you deserve. We all make mistakes and we all deserve forgiveness.

October 15: Achieve Small Things
Forward motion is created through small actions—sometimes so small they feel insignificant! But even the smallest achievements are meaningful and important. Remember to give yourself the grace to move forward as slowly as you need to, as long as you continue to move forward. Small achievements are still progress, and worth celebration.

October 16: Monday Mantra – Calmer
Remaining calm in the face of challenges can be incredibly difficult, but incredibly rewarding. Just as you’re able to find calm during the most intense poses in yoga, you can use those same principles to remain calm in your life. Remember to breathe, stay present and trust your strength. You’ll feel calmer and ready to tackle that next challenge in the studio and in the world.

October 17: Be Focused
In order to achieve a goal, you must maintain your focus. In yoga class, this means you remain centered on your breath and on each movement of your body. In life, this means remembering what your goal is and keeping that goal in your mind’s eye, so your commitment never wavers. Keep that focus, and you will achieve your goal.

October 18: Seek Knowledge
Always be willing to learn more. The more we educate ourselves, the more we grow. Be willing to investigate, to dig deeper and to find the answers to all of your questions. Allow yourself to be inspired by children’s curiosity and move through life with that same sense of wonder and willingness to seek knowledge.

October 19: Use Your Breath
As a yogi, you know the power of the breath to calm you, focus your energy and help you concentrate. You can alleviate pain, work through stressful situations and even lower your blood pressure by using breathwork to maintain a calm, clear head.

October 20: Stay Balanced
Balance is key for yoga, for health and for life in general. In order to maintain balance, you need to identify where things are misaligned. Check in with yourself frequently and be honest with yourself about what’s out of balance. Whether it’s your nutrition, your exercise routine, your social life or your physical or mental health, maintaining balance keeps you well.

October 21: Connect
Human beings require connection. We need to connect with each other, but we also need to connect with ourselves. Just as you do in yoga, maintain the connection between your mind and body to keep yourself healthy and balanced in life. Similarly, remember that you need to connect with people you love! Spend time with them in person to recharge your emotional battery.

October 22: Be Responsible
You are responsible for yourself—for your choices, your health, your relationships and how you behave in the world. Choose to act responsibly so that your presence in the world is one of positivity and kindness. You’ll find that same positivity and kindness is returned to you, too.

October 23: Monday Mantra – Clearer
Align your life so that your purpose and your path are clear before you. Keep your mind open and clear so you know what you need to do to achieve your goals. Discover how you can fulfill your purpose and live a meaningful, productive life that gives back to the world you live in.

October 24: Stay Grounded
Keep yourself physically and mentally grounded and in touch with the earth. In yoga, you plant your feet firmly on the ground, feeling the surface of the ground beneath you. Use those same principles to help you stay focused and keep yourself grounded in reality. It’s important to dream, and it’s also important to maintain solid support.

October 25: Celebrate Accomplishments
You work hard in your life, so when you accomplish a goal—celebrate! Big or small, any goal you’ve worked toward is worthy of applause. Maybe you just did Crow Pose for the first time, or maybe you got that promotion at work. No matter what you’ve accomplished, celebrate all you’ve done to get there.

October 26: Be Intentional
Setting an intention is powerful, which is why we often set intentions at the beginning of yoga classes. This can work in your life, too. Set your intentions for each day or for the year (like a New Year’s Resolution), and keep the intention in mind as you move through your days. Setting an intention can help you meet challenges with quiet strength.

October 27: Be Content
It can be easy to forget the things we should be thankful for as we barrel forward through our lives. Part of mindfulness is being content in the moment and thankful for what you have. Even when you want to keep pushing, pause and find contentment with where you are now.

October 28: Be Loving
When we act with love, it’s easier to let go of the things that aren’t important. Allow love to be your motivation in your daily interactions with others, and you’ll be surprised to discover how much easier things become. Also be loving with yourself—self-love is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

October 29: Give Freely
When you’re willing to give of yourself, you feel joyful, unburdened and lighter. Acting altruistically is shown to bring a greater sense of meaning and contentment to the lives of those who give. Consider volunteering, donating to a great cause or helping a friend in need.

October 30: Monday Mantra – Braver & Further
At the end of this month-long challenge, be brave enough to explore your potential and take things one step further to reach your goals. Maybe that means achieving a headstand in yoga, or trying a new class that challenges you more. It might mean going further in your career, or being brave enough to transition to a new one. Whatever bravery means for you, trust yourself to take the next step.

October 31: Accept Kindness
Accept kindness into your life. Allow others to compliment you, to help you and be there for you. You are worthy of receiving goodness in your life, too, so be kind to yourself and receive when others offer you what you need.