YTT 101: Preparing for Yoga Teacher Training

July 10 | Yoga Teacher Training |


Once you’ve signed up for your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), you might find that you’re not quite sure how to prepare. As the excitement builds, the nerves might build too. Are you ready for this? Have you prepared adequately? While there are bound to be some surprises for you in your YTT—as there are for everyone—there are plenty of things you can do to get ready for this incredible experience.

Do your homework on the training itself

Each YTT is different, so make sure you know what each training offers and how the different trainings offered will fit with your goals. Also, be clear on what certifications you’ll be walking away with. Each YTT offered by YogaSix, for example, is certified by the Yoga Alliance, so you whether you train in San Diego, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, or Milwaukee, you will walk away from our 200-hour training with the ability to register as a  Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

Practice, practice, practice

The most important thing you can do to prepare for a YTT is to keep up with your own practice! The more you practice yoga, the more you’ll learn about it and the easier time you’ll have with understanding the way a class works and how bodies move within the class. The Sanskrit vocabulary will become second nature, which will become one less thing you have to work to memorize during your YTT.

Add to that, it gives you the opportunity to take classes through the eyes of not just a student, but also as a teacher. How does the teacher move through the room? How is the music? Is the teacher offering hands on  adjustments? Start to connect to the the subtle skills that your favorite teachers embody.

Read through all the provided YTT information

Every YTT asks you to prepare differently and you may find that your training requests you to complete some readings, a certain number of consistent class hours or even do some homework beforehand. You’ll also want to be clear on what the training will look like, including number of hours in class, tests, mock-classes and other required work.

Be ready for intense experiences

There are many benefits of YTT and everyone who participates in a YTT finds that it is transformative for them in some way. Whether it’s an emotional experience, a physical transformation or a deeper understanding of the yoga practice itself, YTT gives you a chance to delve deeply into your own yogic journey. You’ll become more comfortable in your own practice, allowing you to help make others comfortable in theirs. Whatever you expect from your training, you’re bound to encounter a surprise along the way, so stay open and ready to receive new information and experiences, and you may be surprised by what happens for you.

Ask your favorite teacher what to expect

Remember—your yoga teachers have been through the YTT process, too, and they know your practice. If you get nervous or just feel hungry for more information, ask them what to expect. They’ll have helpful information for you, and they can welcome you into the yoga teacher community you’re joining!