Pushing My Yoga Boundaries: Boot Camp, Y6 Sculpt and Power Yoga

June 4 | The Practice |



A couple of weeks ago, the YogaSix community wrapped up their Summer Strong Challenge – 7 Power Yoga, Y6 Sculpt, or Bootcamp classes in 12 days. As a new YogaSix client, I was so excited to join this challenge and step out of my gentle yoga comfort zone. Unfortunately, life threw me an extra challenge – as it so often does – in the form of wisdom teeth removal! But while I didn’t get to hit the full 7, I did have a blast exploring YogaSix’s Boot Camp, Y6 Sculpt and Power Yoga classes.

Bootcamp at YogaSix

YogaSix’s Bootcamp classes are high-intensity, full-body workouts incorporating dumbbells, cardio bursts, and functional movement. While the room isn’t as heated as it is in a hot yoga class, the temperature is set around 85-90o, so bring a towel and be prepared to sweat.

In addition to the energy and the “we’re all in this together” attitude, I also loved looking around the room and seeing people taking modifications to moves. While Kristin pushed us all to challenge ourselves and find our edge, she also encouraged us to listen to our bodies. I loved that I didn’t feel any judgment or pressure at all when I chose to do walkout burpees instead of regular burpees!

I left class drenched in sweat, with a huge smile on my face and a burst of energy that lasted all day! I will definitely be adding Bootcamp to my regular exercise repertoire.

Y6 Sculpt

Y6 Sculpt classes also offer a full-body workout incorporating dumbbells and functional movement. The class is heated to about the same temperature as Boot Camp, but the pace is slower and the class doesn’t include heavy-duty cardio bursts. The instructor, Lisa, kept us moving and laughing, and offered some really relaxing hands-on adjustments during the cool-down stretch.

While I enjoyed the Y6 Sculpt class, I actually surprised myself by preferring the faster pace of Boot Camp.

Power Yoga

What surprised me most throughout this challenge was how much I enjoyed Power Yoga. I’ve never been a hot yoga fan, so I wasn’t sure how well I would deal with the heated room. I made sure to give myself plenty of space and to choose a position in the back where I could sneak out if I got light-headed. I was definitely hotter than usual, but once class started, I almost forgot about it. Chaise’s approach to teaching was so down-to-earth and approachable, and the flow was fast enough to be challenging but steady enough to keep me grounded. I was actually more sore the day after Power Yoga, from all of the chaturanga flows, than I was from Bootcamp! A yoga class that will help me with both strength and flexibility? Sign me up!

Even though I didn’t get to experience the full 12 days, I’m really happy that the YogaSix Summer Strong Challenge pushed me to explore some different types of yoga classes. It felt great to get back to Slow Flow, but you’ll definitely see me becoming a regular in Boot Camp and Power Yoga classes!