Relaxing Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

October 19 | The results |


Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? You're not alone. According to the Center of Disease Control, over one quarter of the U.S. population reports having poor quality sleep, with over 10% experiencing chronic insomnia. Sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. Insufficient sleep has been linked to serious health conditions, including depression, obesity, and heart disease.

Try these relaxing yoga poses for a night of better sleep. Adding yoga to your daily workout routine can improve your sleep by calming your nervous system and promoting relaxation. A soothing practice before bedtime can put the body in a restful state with just a few restorative postures.

Try these 4 yoga poses before bed to relax and prepare your mind and body for a night of restful sleep. Hold each pose for several rounds of breath, exaggerating the inhale and exhale. Allow for a brief, intentional pause at the top and bottom of each breath.


Standing Forward Fold

Relieves headaches and insomnia.

Stand with your legs hips distance apart. Soften your knees and gently bend forward. Allow your head to hang loose. Feel free to rest your hands on the floor or cross your arms and reach for opposite elbows. 


Child's Pose

Calms the mind and relieves tension in the body.

Knee on the ground with your knees wide and toes touching. Fold forward and allow your forehead to rest on the ground, arms stretched out in front of you or by your sides.


Legs Up The Wall

Promotes relaxation and grounding.

Lie on your back with your bottom close to the wall. Extend your legs up the wall and allow them to rest. Place your arms in a comfortable neutral position, either by your sides or extended in a T shape. 

Supine Spinal Twist

Relieves tension in the spine and promotes digestion.

Lie on your back. Draw your knees into your chest and extend your arms wide in a “T” shape. Bend one knee and cross it over outside the opposite leg. Pause for several breaths. When you feel complete, repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

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