The Results: #5 of 6, BRAVER

May 4 | The results |


Our six are the multi-dimensional results of a consistent yoga practice: Stronger, Leaner, Calmer, Clearer, Braver, Further. But have you ever really thought about these words? What they mean to you, and how they apply to your practice both on and off the mat? We're diving into each of our 6 results, one at a time. BRAVER is result #5 of our 6.

The first line of Marianne Williamson’s poem, “Our Deepest Fear,” sums up our thoughts on being braver. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” In our opinion, bravery is the courage to consistently explore your potential with confidence, without attachment to the outcome, and with a willingness to learn and fail in the process. Luckily bravery is a skill we can develop, and there’s no better place to practice bravery than on a yoga mat.

On the quiet of our yoga mats we are stripped down, exposed to what is, and empowered by choice. We are also consistently urged to step outside of our comfort zones. Once you find ease in a pose or transition there is another one waiting in the wings. It’s in this stair-step fashion that we build confidence on our mats. Sure some poses require a leap of faith, but every pose we experience up until that point is evidence of what’s possible. The act of being braver in yoga, building confidence that leads to an evolution in your practice, applies to life off the mat and and beyond.  

Definition of Braver: Showing courage, lionhearted, bold, fearless.

Poses for Braver: Crow, headstand, dolphin, camel, wheel, any pose with closed eyes.

We asked a few students and teachers to share what being BRAVER means to them in body, mind and life. Check out what they had to say.

Braver in BODY: "When I first began practicing yoga I was fearful for my own safety. I’d never been much of an athlete and didn’t particularly enjoy working out. What I like about the practice is that it showed my how capable my body is. As my strength, flexibility and balance improved I was able to take on more advanced postures - including inversions. I have more faith and confidence in my physical ability now than I ever did before."

Braver in MIND: “I spent many years in survival mode, living by a to do list and staying the course (whatever it was at the time). Yoga has helped me be braver by learning to live in the present moment, so that I no longer feel weighed down by challenges from my past or fearful what might happen in the future. Now I thrive every day knowing that what I am doing is taking me forward in life.”

Braver in LIFE: "Yoga has made me braver by allowing me to trust in myself again. My practice has given me the confidence physically, mentally and emotionally to step into the unknown in a myriad of ways with the knowledge that learning is the ultimate goal. I am no longer afraid of failing because I know that failure is an opportunity to grow, and growth means evolution. I am here to evolve rather than stay stagnate.”