The Results: #4 of 6, CLEARER

April 27 | The results |


Our six are the multi-dimensional results of a consistent yoga practice: Stronger, Leaner, Calmer, Clearer, Braver, Further. But have you ever really thought about these words? What they mean to you, and how they apply to your practice both on and off the mat? We're diving into each of our 6 results, one at a time. CLEARER is result #4 of our 6.

Clarity paves the way for action. When we become clearer about what we need and want – be it in a job, relationship or personal endeavor – it’s easy to create a plan. Clarity paired with awareness is an even more powerful combination. Everyday we’re faced with choices and decisions that either move us forward in the desired direction, or take us off the path. When we know on what we want, and aware of our thoughts, words and actions, it’s easy to see where we are in alignment and where we are not.

Becoming clearer happens on the mat in several ways, often beginning in the body. The body is very smart. It knows what it needs to thrive, and communicates its needs to us on a daily basis. Pain, pleasure, energy, hunger – these are the body’s physical messages. However when we slow down, focus inward, and listen, as we do on our yoga mats, the body reveals far more. Our bodies store our thoughts, feelings and deepest desires. All we need to do is ask.

The process of turning inward to source information takes practice, but overtime becomes second nature. Being able to listen and trust your intuition is the highest level of clarity.

Definition of Clearer: Uncomplicated; easy to perceive, understand, or interpret.

Poses for Clearer: Warrior 2, eagle, tree, seated forward fold, simple twist.

We asked a few of our students and teachers to share what becoming CLEARER means to them, in body, mind and life. Check out what they had to say.

Calmer in BODY: "I began my yoga practice at a studio that emphasized inversions. Despite my best efforts to turn myself upside down, inversions just weren’t working for me. I didn’t want to do them and didn’t enjoy feeling like I had to. My body made that SUPER clear. I went on to find a yoga studio that worked for me physically, and felt much more confident and comfortable in my practice. Nowadays I integrate inversions into my practice as I see fit."

Calmer in MIND: “I came out of the womb as the Tasmanian Devil of overachievement. Do this, learn that, work multiple jobs, have 5 million hobbies, never rest! Worse yet I judged people who weren’t achieving. Then one day I had an epiphany. My busy-ness served no purpose other than to keep up or be seen. I wasn’t getting anything out of it, and I was really tired. In the clarity of that moment I gave myself permission to let it all go. My life now couldn’t be better.”

Calmer in LIFE: "We cannot benefit from things we are not clear on. For me, clarity provides an opportunity to make confident decisions based on what I am feeling and experiencing (as well as what I know). Through years of yoga and meditation I’ve noticed a subtle yet growing sense of knowing, or feeling clear, that has carried over into the whole of my life. I find that I have a greater capacity for reading situations, and trusting my gut, when I sense someone or something is ‘just off’.”