The Results: #6 of 6, FURTHER

May 11 | The results |


Our six are the multi-dimensional results of a consistent yoga practice: Stronger, Leaner, Calmer, Clearer, Braver, Further. But have you ever really thought about these words? What they mean to you, and how they apply to your practice both on and off the mat? We've spent the last several weeks diving into each of our 6 results, one at a time. FURTHER is result #6 of 6. 

People seek out yoga because they desire some type of change. Whether it’s less stress, more strength, improved flexibility, better balance – or the coveted yoga butt – the physical benefits of yoga are inspiring. Appreciation for the body grows when we realize all of the amazing things it can do, and there is a sense of pride and empowerment that comes with physical transformation and greater self-care. However the physical benefits of yoga are the tip of the iceberg. There is a curious element to the practice that is different from most other forms of exercise. Sure we’ll do it again and again, but not just because it’s a good workout.

Yoga leaves us wanting more, wondering what’s next, and grateful for what is. It helps us stay calm and focused, it raises our awareness, and it teaches us how to discover and rely on internal data to skillfully navigate the complexities of life. Moreover our on the mat learnings apply to everything – relationships, parenting, athletics, work, etc. The knowledge is always there, embedded in the intelligence of our bodies. We just need to remember to slow down, get quiet, and look. There’s a reason it’s called a practice.

Definition of Further: Additional to what already exists or has already taken place; more.

Poses for Further: Fallen triangle, standing head to knee, warrior 2, pigeon, savasana.

We asked a few of our students and teachers to share what progressing FURTHER means to them, in body, mind and life. Check out what they had to say.

Further in BODY: "Yoga was an ultimate game changer for me. The practice connected me to my body and inspired me to get fit; this opened a whole new world. I went from being an overweight, disembodied girl into a healthy, confident, life enthusiast. For me yoga on and off the mat is about enhancing that which already is so I can thrive. It is about going even further than I ever thought possible."

Further in MIND: “My Dad’s go-to phrase to me as a sulky teenager was always “Happiness is a choice.” Yoga has helped me to truly understand what this means. During a yoga practice, I am faced with choices in each movement, each posture, each transition. Should I skip this chaturanga? Should I push to square my hips in Warrior 3 or settle with one hip lifted? Life is a series of choices and yoga has helped me make choices that keep me happy and take me further on my path.”

Further in LIFE: “My yoga practice has come in and out of my life over the past 15 years, always returning when I am searching for balance, direction and happiness. It has opened my mind to see that all of these things lie within me. It has helped me find the strength and courage I needed to transform my career, my relationships, my thought processes and more. Yoga anchors me in the dynamic sea that is life.”