The Results: #2 of 6, LEANER

April 13 | The results |


Our six are the multi-dimensional results of a consistent yoga practice: Stronger, Leaner, Calmer, Clearer, Braver, Further. But have you ever really thought about these words? What they mean to you, and how they apply to your practice both on and off the mat? We're diving into each of our 6 results, one at a time. LEANER is result #2 of our 6.

Of our six results, LEANER is most associated with the physical – and in the yoga it’s a polarizing if not controversial. The practice is about self-acceptance, letting go and living with awareness and in the now. That said, yoga is a form of exercise. Those who are on a physical journal may find inspiration and aspiration in the word leaner – which is great. But what does this word imply for those who are not?

We think there is tremendous power in the word LEANER. Think about the word as it relates to a small put productive team. A lean team has few players; it lacks depth but runs efficiently due to the strengths of each individual, and the collective ability to minimize distraction and trust one another. From this point of view LEANER has a very different meaning – strong, optimal, resourceful, focused.

Living leaner is about getting rid of the stuff – physical and mental clutter, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, overfull schedules – that holds us back. When there is less to worry about, we have a greater appreciation and respect for what is.

Definition of Leaner: Economical, containing little excess or waste. 

Poses for Leaner: Mountain, twisting poses, eagle, floor blow, shoulder stand.

We asked a few of our students and teachers to share what living LEANER means to them, in body, mind and life. Check out what they had to say.

Leaner in BODY: "Some people love to work out. That’s not me. Maintaining my weight and exercising regularly are things I struggled with my entire life. Then I found yoga. Yoga challenged me to move my body in a different way, and the support of the community motivated me to be consistent. For the first time ever I saw results – long lean muscles, increased flexibility, elevated mood and a desire to fuel my body better. I lost the baby weight (5 years later) and have kept it off since."

Leaner in MIND: “I’m one of those people who thinks he can be in 3 places at once. Run this meeting? Sure! Take the client out to dinner? No problem. Coach little league? Count me in! Half the time I’m on to the next before the current project or task is complete. It drove my wife crazy. We hit a rough patch a few years ago and a buddy of mine suggested I try yoga. It made no sense at the time but I gave it a shot. That first class was an eye opener (and the longest 60 minutes ever). My life has shifted quite a bit since, I am more focused and present.”

Leaner in LIFE: “I have never been a pack rat. However the practice of yoga and letting go has made me even more selective about what I need in life – and I’m not just talking about things and stuff. Living leaner in a tangible sense opened the door to living leaner in an energetic way as well. For me this means not filling up my calendar with too many invites, be willing to say no, and giving myself permission to spend time with people and activities that fill me up.”