Self-Investment: A San Diego Instructor's Yoga Teacher Training Experience

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Yoga Teacher Training, known as YTT, is an incredibly powerful experience. In addition to learning more about yoga and how to share it with others, YTT is a transformational journey.

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San Diego Instructor, Janine A., shares her YTT story:

YTT at Y6 was truly a life-changing experience for me, the timing of which certainly helped me come into my own.  Before the experience, I was in a very tough place in life, both personally and professionally, so I lacked self-confidence and even awareness in many facets of my life.

Through the experience, though, besides learning a new skill-set, I uncovered so much more. Through the teachings and discussions, and with an open mind, I was able to actually get to know “Janine.”

It was a blessing to be among a group of men and women willing to do the work, all of which would not be possible without the guidance of strong leaders who gave us all permission and space to learn at our own pace. I never felt judged, only supported.

I was so excited to start teaching; it felt very natural for me, but that definitely did not mean I wasn’t scared and nervous! I used to be a DI coach, so I had experience leading a group, but yoga was a “new” for me.  I am so glad I started with the set-sequence because that gave me the confidence and space to find my voice.

Once I moved into the other formats, though, I won’t lie and say that I immediately felt confident.  Far from it!  That took time, like anything.  Instead of berating myself if I made a mistake, I practiced kindness to myself and gave myself permission to not be perfect (a lesson from YTT).

Before this experience, my sense of identity was weak, and instead of celebrating who I am as an individual, I wished I could be something else.  I was hard on myself for being at my stage of life and not “this or that or there!”   YTT was a space that allowed me to start thinking differently. My peers, we were all so different, from all walks of life, and we each started our own journey together.  I am much more aware and amazingly less judgmental.

I now feel confident enough to choose NOT to add drama and/or negativity to my life.  I don’t try to be perfect anymore, but instead, celebrate when things go right.  I give myself permission to get messy and make mistakes, and surprisingly I’ve noticed that most people respect the realness.

YTT showed me that other people can be amazingly supportive.  I notice those people now, even beyond yoga, and celebrate their differences.  In turn, my relationships (personal and professional) are better, more real.

I feel grateful every day for the YTT experience.  It was the best investment that I made in myself!