Justin Kürn

VP of Sales & Operations

Steeped in retail, operations and customer service from an early age, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role at Yoga Six. He began his career at Ocean Enterprises, the largest scuba diving, travel, instruction and retail store in the U.S., where he spent 10+ years in sales, group travel and instruction. While there, he was educated and trained in multi-store retail management and sales under Harry Friedman at The Friedman Group. Justin joined Yoga Six in 2013 as a Financial Analyst. He grew into his current role, Vice President of Sales &Operations, over 2 years while supporting the San Diego region and crafting the company’s customer experience, strategic sales and operational processes. Prior to joining Yoga Six, Justin worked in Retail Finance and Strategic Support at BMW Financials Services in Munich, Germany. After moving back to San Diego, he ran strategic marketing projects for NuVasive, Inc. through a boutique firm called Legacy Health Strategies.

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