Kenna Crouch

Kenna Crouch, B.A. Dance & Sociology (UCSD ’08), is a 500-hr. trained Yoga teacher with an educational and professional background in Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary Dance. Conscious movement of the human body has been the subject of intense study for Kenna for at least 20 years; through Yoga, in the last ten, this study has expanded into conscious living, meditation, spirituality and compassion.  Kenna has had the honor to practice and study various disciplines of Yoga with some wonderful teachers, like Sherry Schreck, Danny Arguetty, Lora Heiner & Joe Barnett; her certifications are in the Anusara, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga methods. Over the last eight years, Kenna has taught thousands of public classes, as well as maintained a strong private practice with her clients. She has also taught in the corporate world, led dozens of specialty workshops and events, organized local and international retreats and recently began training teachers in both Yoga, Dance & Barre. Living in Europe with her husband for the last year plus has given her a distinct and more global perspective on life, work and her own yoga/dance practice; she is happy to be home now where it all began to share her experiences and learnings with students in San Diego, California and beyond.