Step-by-Step Self-Care Practices to Stay Nourished and Rested

February 12 | The Lifestyle |



Committing to a yoga challenge means that you have to prioritize self-care – it’s essential to be mindful about what you’re eating, drinking, and your sleeping habits. Here are some simple strategies for pre-classes fueling and post-class nourishment. This is a time that you can retool how you are living and eating, so make the most of it! 

StepbyStep SelfCare Practices

Food Planning :

Plan to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and lean protein. Use Sunday as your shopping day and meal prep day so you have enough food for salads, fruits for snacking and your protein for grilling for lunch and dinner.

All your shopping this month should happen in the fresh food aisles of the super markets. Avoid white sugar, too much gluten and processed foods at all costs. You want to put clean and healthy foods into your body with lots of water throughout the day.

grocery store

You will be expending a lot of energy- so be sure you fuel up on multi-grains like quinoa, wild rice and sunflower/nut based breads as a compliment to your vegetables and fruits. If you eat fish and meat- great! Be sure to keep your protein choices simple- opt for grilled fish and lean meats that are grilled or pan fried with olives oil and fresh spices.

  • Power Up: with nuts like almonds and hazelnuts and lots of proteins that are high in omega 3’s like salmon and lean fishes.
  • Main Fuel Up Times: Eat your main meals in the AM (post yoga) and lunch and keep dinner light esp. if you are eating after yoga in the evenings.
  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: Drink tons of lemon ware all day. The lemon adds flavor but also helps your digestive system.  Ideally your water should not be cold but room temperature.

Morning : Jump Start

  • Hot water with lemon is hands down the best way to start the morning. You can also add with apple cider vinegar and cayenne to boost the detox elements of this morning drink.
  • Green juice smoothies are one of my favorite breakfasts – healthy and nourishing! Check out this great recipe and quick infographic that you can print out and stick on the fridge.
  • Eat healthy fats to jumpstart your system in the morning. I’m a huge fan of a sliced avocado with olive oil and lemon and a sliced hard boiled egg. It’s fast and easy to prepare. Another great option is a handful of nuts and a banana if you are on the go.

Mid Day : Fuel Up

  • Eat fresh and lean with lots of leafy greens like spinach, kale and arugula and proteins that are high in omega 3’s. Eating Well has some great recipes for inspiration.
  • This is time of the day to eat up and eat well, you want eat your multi-grains and healthy carbs at this point so you have the fuel for the day and evening and also give your body a chance to digest and process before bedtime.

Snacks : On The Go

  • Perfect Bar: Perfect Bar is a great choice if you want something yummy and good for you, but can satisfy your sweet tooth as well. Their product line has a little bit for everyone.
  • High Protein Oatmeal: Most oatmeal is filled with sugar, Think Thin’s is the best super food oatmeal with no added sugars.
  • Cut Fruit or Berries and Nuts: Chop, zip and go. Make sure your nuts are raw and not roasted.

Dinner : Nourish

  • For dinner, you want to nourish but keep it light so you don’t weigh down your belly -I suggest making a large batch of hearty soup with veggies.
  • Pure Mama’s blog has lots of creative and easy recipes for soups, salads and lots of other inspirations for a healthy dinner.

Night Night : Set Up for Sleep Success

  • Soak it All Away: A hot bath at the end of the day does wonders, if you have a bathtub you should be taking 1-2 baths a week during the challenge. My favorite addition to my bath when I am tired and sore is Oatmeal and Epson salt, but there are lots of other options like lavender, lemon, and honey.
  • Put Restlessness to Rest: Natural Vitality’s  Natural Calm magnesium powder is your natural sleep with ease solution and it’s a great supplement for sore muscles magnesium great for muscle soreness and sleep. Ingesting is tough but you can also get a spray.

Remember the most important thing is to take it one day at a time – so listen to your body.

Happy Challenge Month!