The Beauty of Being a Beginner Yogi

August 24 | The Practice |



When was the last time you tried something new? It’s fun, isn’t it? The unknown is exhilarating, thrilling and challenging. It’s fun to take the proverbial bull by the horns and start something new…now.

On the flip side, it’s easy to drain all the fun out of a new experience by creating expectations and misconceptions before you even start. This creates fear that may delay your beautiful journey. It’s too bad because, more often than not, the beginning is the most fun. That goes for love stories, roller coasters and, yes, yoga.

We listen to our new students and often hear similar reasons as to why they waited so long to step into our studio. Nerves get the best of them and they feel:

“Nervous they aren’t flexible or fit enough”

“Nervous they won’t be able to quiet their mind”

“Nervous it will be too hard (or too easy)” 

Are any of these thoughts lurking in you? Even though most of us understand the plethora of benefits yoga offers, those nerves can keep you from unrolling your mat.

No time like NOW to tackle that fear. Use those nerves as a tool for excitement. Because here’s the truth: Yoga is so good. And so is being a beginner at it. There is nothing to be nervous about.

3 reasons why being a yoga beginner is beautiful:

No skill required

Sometimes a certain skill level or attribute is required before you can start something. That is not the case for yoga. Yoga holds a special place for everyone. Wherever you are on the fit or athletic spectrum does not matter. And it does not matter how quiet or crazy your mind feels. Yoga meets you where you are – no matter of shape, size, age or ability. The poses all have a foundation on which to build. Even advanced yogis adjust their practice; some days are meant for resting in Child’s Pose more than others.

Our classes are designed for all-levels. We encourage everyone to use yoga props as needed. Don’t be discouraged or self-conscience if you reach for a prop – they’re the best (no matter how many years or minutes you’ve been coming to class).

Savor every first step

Every yogi has been a beginner. There’s the first yoga class. The first time you decide to rise up into full wheel (or backend). The first time you take your feet off the ground to stand on your head. The first time you close your eyes and follow your breath through Sun Salutations. The first time you sign up for an arm balance workshop. It’s a yogi’s journey to discover what feels good and when. You will never have that first time again, so go toward it and savor the newness of the experience.

No expectations

 You are at the foundation. No one expects you to bendy at the beginning (or ever for that matter). If you keep your attention on how the pose makes you feel and not on what the person in front of you is doing, then your practice will evolve perfectly. Mastery is in alignment not in how far back or forward you can bend. Let the instructors’ cues guide you. No one is judging you so please do not judge yourself. Be a beginner for years or for a lifetime. It’s called a practice for a reason.

If it’s your first time to yoga we can’t be more excited for you! All you need is just a few things and you are ready to begin your yoga journey:

  • Comfortable, non-restricting clothes (no shoes)
  • Yoga mat (towel is optional)
  • Water
  • Smile

We’ll be seeing you soon.