Why Yoga Makes Me a Better Mom

May 10 | The Practice |


Why Yoga Makes Me a Better Mom

Yoga has shaped my life for many years and in many ways, but after becoming pregnant, giving birth and raising humans, the practice has saved me and guided me in so many simple and yet very profound ways. While I am by no means the perfect mom, yoga has given me the tools to be more present, patient, observant and loving to myself and my family. Here are the top 5 reasons why yoga makes me a better mom.

5 Reasons Why Yoga Makes Me a Better Mom

Being Aware and Accepting of Ever Changing Elements My Body

  • Doing yoga almost daily while I was pregnant started out as a way to stay strong and fit while I was growing bigger and bigger. And while the practice did help me stay strong, what surprised me the most was the way that it allowed me to really be ok with all the changes that were happening on a day to day basis. It became my daily way to check in with my two kids inside me, and check in with myself through my breath and movement.
  • After the birth of my twins, my practice was the constant that tied me back to who I was before a mom and who I was becoming as a new mom. It also helped me reconnect and rebuild my body in a gentle and healing way post birth.

Being Present and Understanding Impermanence

  • My mantra when my twins were newborns was, “this is the longest and shortest time”, which is also the a mantra that comes into my mind when I’m frustrated on the mat.  The practice teaches us that nothing is permanent, and this mindset is a lifesaver with kids. Tantrums, sleepless nights and illnesses can make you feel like the cards are stacked against any Mama, but I always remind myself that nothing is permanent.
  • This also goes for the great happy amazing daily moments I have with my kids, because I know they don’t always last. Being present, you can really drop into moment and enjoy the lively loving amazing part of being a mom- watching your children grow and discover the world right in front of you.

The Breath is a Powerful Force

  • As a Mama, there are lots of moments that we have to react to- all day long. With toddlers, lots of those can be reactive to something that they have done or refuse to do. The biggest yoga tool I use is the power of my breath. Before I react to anything, I take a deep breath. It clears my mind and allows me to react to my children with a (mostly) calm and collected response. I find I make better choices with my kids this way, and I find clear ways and words to communicate with them in any given situation.
  • Watching my kids breath is also a surprisingly great observation technique to check in with where they are at emotionally. It is HARD  to read toddlers sometimes, but when I focused on their breath, just like I do with my student, it tells me so much about what is going on in their little bodies.  By being observant to my breath and theirs, I am more attune and aware of my emotional state and their throughout the day.

Yoga Builds Endurance in the Body and Mind

  • If I can hold forearm stand or headstand just by focusing, breathing and embodying myself into the present task at hand,  I can calmly ride out the most ridiculous tantrum, the running of two toddlers in opposite directions, or any of the million little things our littles throw at me.
  • Knowing that my mind and body have the endurance to breathe through difficult poses or sit in meditation helps me to get through challenging daily moment of parenting my twins.

Practicing Yoga Together Is Perfect Bonding Time

  • There nothing more silly and fun than the days we unroll 4 yoga mats, all get on and Dad and I start moving through a few asanas. The kids reaction is magical and hilarious. Kids think you are a moving jungle gym!
  • Through making shapes, we get to bond with our kids in a very beautiful way- we ask them to make the same shapes, roll around with us, and most importantly breath with us. Breathing all together, while lying on the floor (with giggles) connects us all together in a deep way.

Remember, it’s not the amount of time on the mat that you spend too- it’s the quality of what you do that counts. You may not find the time, as a mom, to spend 90 minutes on the mat, six days a week (let’s be real it’s probably more like 1-2 times a week max). But you can be sure that when you do get to practice, you are truly grateful for that time. Yoga helps make motherhood a little less like a battlefield and a lot more like a blessing.

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