Why You Should Do A Yoga Challenge

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Completing a yoga challenge is no easy task. We should know! We host 3 yoga challenge months a year at YogaSix. A yoga challenge takes commitment, planning (try the YogaSix mobile app for a quick and easy class scheduling tool), and a whole lot of discipline. Just like New Year's Resolutions, not everyone who signs up for a challenge actually completes it. It's easy to make excuses and allow life to get in the way. The best way to stay motivated and accomplish your goal is to have a strong "Why". Why do you want to complete the challenge? What motivates you to practice every day for an entire month? 

These are four of our favorite reasons to take on a yoga challenge. Tell us why you signed up for the YogaSix October Challenge on social media using the hashtag #StrengthenYourSelf! 

Yoga Six Challenge Finishers

Challenge finishers at YogaSix Solana Beach

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Completing a yoga challenge is as much about variety as it is about consistency. We all have our favorite classes and teachers we go to every week, but too much of a good thing can keep you from progressing and leave you feeling stagnant in both body and mind. Yoga challenges get you out of your practice rut by challenging you to try something new. Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to explore (and even enjoy!) a different experience while giving your body the variety it needs to progress. When you push yourself further in your practice, you'll be amazed at what you can do. 

Accomplish A Fitness Goal

Like yoga, goal setting is one of those life skills that takes practice. It can be easy to lose focus and plateau without structure, an endpoint, and a clear goal. A yoga challenge provides all three, along with the support of our studio community, to set you up for success. Whether it's nailing your first arm balance or exploring a new inversion, having something to work towards and friends to work alongside you makes all the difference.

Deepen Your Practice

Practicing daily (or almost daily) for a month is an incredible learning experience. A consistent yoga practice can make you more mindful, igniting the connection between your body and mind. This added awareness will make you more conscious and appreciative of all you can do, both on and off your mat. With confidence and commitment come a willingness to take risks. Moving into an advanced variation of the pose you have practiced for 20 days straight is the next logical step.

Challenge Your Self

While yoga is not a competitive sport, challenge months DO inspire a little friendly competition. But remember: the most important competition you have is with yourself. Check in with yourself after every class. Do you feel like you're improving? How does your body feel compared to the day before? Last week? Last month? The answers may be different day-to-day, but in the end, 31 days of yoga is a huge accomplishment! Completing the challenge is a personal win for your body and mind. Anyone who shows up to their mat 31 times in 31 days is a winner!


Are you up to the challenge? It's not too late to sign up! Get your name on the challenge board now at your local YogaSix studio