Meet Angie:
Triple Crown Winner

December 9 | The Practice |


Completing a yoga challenge month is no small feat. Doing three in one year makes you a yoga super hero. Only 75 people completed our entire Triple Crown Challenge in 2016 - the 29 day February Challenge, the July Go Further Challenge, and the 31 day October Challenge. One lucky Triple Crown finisher won a coveted year of Platinum Membership. Meet our yoga challenge winner Angie Theaker, a member at YogaSix Upper Arlington, and wife and mother of three. Angie lives an active lifestyle, both out in the community and on her yoga mat. She completed all three YogaSix challenges in 2016 with her husband, Brent. Read on to learn more about her yoga journey.

Meet Angie

When you’re not on your yoga mat, what do you love to do?

Enjoy time with my husband, three children and many friends. We love watching our kids enjoy their sporting activities and cheering on the Buckeyes with friends! We volunteer and fundraise for the Upper Arlington Civic Association as well as the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio. I also love to play tennis and meet monthly with a wonderful group of strong accomplished women in my book group. 

What is your favorite spot in your neighborhood?

I love Northam Park. It is the central park of our city and is home to our schools, library, pool, sport fields and many wonderful annual community celebrations that take part in our city. I must mention the best of all - the 4th of July Party in the Park and Fireworks!

What brought you to your yoga practice?

I was an athlete and I have always enjoyed high energy exercise. I played soccer for almost 25 years; participated in many spinning and weight lifting classes; I play tennis and I've run 5 half marathons. At age 40,  I began feeling the effects of how hard all those activities have been on my body. A year ago, a friend suggested I tried yoga around the time YogaSix opened right down the street from where I work and in my neighborhood. I had only ever taken one prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant and I didn't love it. She started going and really encouraged me to try it with her. The location and class times were easy with my busy schedule so there was no reason not to give it a shot. After a couple weeks, I was completely hooked. I started feeling better both physically and mentally. I loved the friendly staff and beautiful studio. I convinced my husband to give it a try too. After a few months we loved it so much, we cancelled our other gym membership of 5 years. We participated as couples partner in all 3 yoga challenges this year and it has been so much fun! We still run regularly (how else can I blast my rap music with 3 young kids?). But, I talk about my love of yoga with anyone who will listen and I am so happy to have won the Platinum membership so I can bring a friend and share the experience with many more!

Why do you love yoga? How does yoga make you feel physically and mentally?

Yoga is a full body (including the mind) experience. The deep breathing fills me with oxygen and energy. The poses push my limits of flexibility and strength. The meditative aspects clear my mind and enhance my focus. The positive thought principles often shared by the instructors leave me with a smile in my heart. No other form of exercise achieves all of this for me. 

What is your favorite YogaSix class? What is your favorite yoga pose?

Vinyasa because it pushes me to try new things. My favorite pose is Dancer.

Which of our six results resonates most with you and why? (Stronger, Leaner, Calmer, Clearer, Braver, and Further)

If I had to pick one, it would be Calmer. I have a very busy life with a full time job and 3 young children. Those aspects of my life are wonderful but not calm. I've done many other forms of exercise but Yoga is the only one that I feel actually helps bring much needed calming of my mind and body. 

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