The Benefits of a Yoga Community

April 23 | The Lifestyle |


yoga community

Last week, we covered the benefits of adding strength training to your yoga practice. The physical benefits of my yoga practice seem small in comparison to the benefits I receive from being a part of a yoga community. My yoga community is a topic that I hold very dear to my heart, because my yoga community has saved my life, in many ways big and small.

In this modern world, we are increasingly more isolated and live further and further away from our nuclear family. So, through yoga I have found that you can create your family away from family. You can find grandma’s, big sisters, little brothers and friends- real friends. The kind of friends that will show up when you are sick with the flu, struggling with a newborn baby, or just need a shoulder to lean on.

Yoga is about yoking ourselves- not only to the practice but to our people, our tribe, our community. Helping each other thrive and feel supported in this life, it is a critical part of our existence. It is what yoga and our yoga studio home can give us over a gym or an app. A yoga home is more than a studio, its a place that has become the new Town Hall.

The local Town Hall used to the place you went to find work, find resources, mentors and have Friday night potluck dinners and see friends. My yoga community has become all that and more.

The people you see in your studio can and will become family. You will make the most unexpected friends and you will find the much needed support and community that we will need desperately in these times.

From a strong community comes hope, drive, security and passion. When we feel supported and bolstered, we can do anything.

So- say hi to the person to your right and left on your mat. Introduce yourself to the person that has been in your Tuesday night class for years who you have not spoken to yet. Sit, linger and chat in the lobby, go to a weekend event. Get to know the people around you who are visibly drawn to the same life path as you- yoga is the thread for us all. It will bind us and make us all better, stronger, happier and healthier.

Be open, have a big heart, share what you have and ask for what you need. A community is just that.

Have an idea for an event or community based idea for your YogaSix studio? Reach out, we would love to hear it!