YogaSix Spotlight: Caitlin K from Chicago

September 14 | The Lifestyle | The Practice |


Introducing YogaSix Instructor, Caitlin K., from Chicago

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YogaSix: Can you share quote that inspires you?


A quote that has inspired me in so many different places in my life is “in any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety” by Abraham Maslow.  This can be applied to any and almost every step in my life. Stepping out of comfort zones is where growth is made. Nothing comes if you don’t make that first step, open the door to conversation, ask questions, push yourself. No one else is going to do the work for you, only you.

YogaSix: What’s your favorite yoga posture?


My favorite yoga posture has to be Vrksasana, tree pose.  It is a naturally beautiful pose, built by finding your strong, solid roots in order to grow yourself into a tall, confident, strong, always unique, tree. Your breathe in and out supports your entire existence.

YogaSix: What do you love most about your home studio?


I love YogaSix for so many different reasons. I found YogaSix Lincoln Park in the fall of 2014, soon after they opened their doors. I had suffered another huge setback in my personal life and needed yoga. I heard that they offered a clean for trade program, and I immediately signed up. I cleaned the studio a few hours a week, getting to know teachers, students, student advisors very intimately. It was a time for me to clean the studio, but in turn, clean my mind of clutter, release tension, and get to know myself better.  When I realized YTT was what my next step would be, YogaSix had already been my home base for a year, it really was a no brainer. I completed my YTT in the fall of 2015 and have only learned more and fallen more in love with the studio since. I actually started YTT on my birthday, which made it even more special.

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YogaSix: Where is your favorite place to practice yoga outside of the studio?


My favorite place to practice outside of a yoga studio has to be outside, usually near a body of water. Living in Chicago makes this easy in the summer- the Lake is gorgeous and refreshing, the amount of parks is abundant, and this summer has been a complete joy. I was able to check off my bucket list teaching at the Green City Farmer’s Market this summer, which was definitely a favorite of mine to teach at. Getting your fingers and toes back in the grass is a beautiful, grounding and rewarding experience.

YogaSix: What is your favorite pre/post yoga meal?


My favorite pre/post yoga meal lately has been a delicious egg scramble. I always have peppers, onions, greens in the house. I will just get to chopping away at some garlic, veggies, whatever else is left in the fridge, sauté things up and make a large scramble. Maybe adding some Cholula or Tapatio for a little kick!

YogaSix: What else would you like the YogaSix Community to know about you?


I have been teaching yoga at a brewery for almost a year. Actually, I love full circles, follow me here.  YTT started on my birthday, and I taught my first yoga class outside of YogaSix, my first real sequence on my own, on my next birthday in 2016 at Begyle Brewery. I’ve been teaching about once a month there since. The best part of teaching there is the amount of first time yogis that come to this class. It is remarkable. They might think of it as just getting a cold one at the end, but to me, it symbolizes them getting out of bed, trying something new, being brave, stepping out of comfort zones, growth, and showing up- for me, but mainly for themselves. The community there is like no other.