How Does Yoga Teacher Training Deepen Your Practice?

July 12 | Yoga Teacher Training |


Attending a Yoga Teacher Training, or YTT, is guaranteed to deepen your practice. It’s one of the many reasons to attend YTT. Whether you attend a YTT in either St. Louis, Columbus, Milwaukee, San Diego or Chicago, you’ll learn more about your own practice as you learn to teach others during your YogaSix training. During your YTT, you’ll delve deeper into what yoga is all about, learn about the philosophy behind yoga and how yoga affects your body and your mind. Since you’ll be training to become a yoga teacher, part of the preparation is developing a solid understanding of each aspect of yoga, from the asanas and the body, to meditation and quieting the mind, to pranayama and following your breath.

Learn from other people in the training

Part of what makes a YTT so powerful is the other people training with you. You’ll discover there are a variety of physical levels and abilities represented in any given training, and that diversity will help you learn how to help your students down the road. You’ll also learn more about your own practice from those around you. While you may still be working on headstands when you head to your first training, there will likely be someone who can give you valuable pointers from a new perspective. Similarly, someone who has struggled with mastering Bird of Paradise can learn from you. As you continue to learn from each other, your skills and abilities will grow.

Move beyond the physical aspects of yoga

A huge part of yoga is the philosophy and practice of mindfulness. While this is can be the most challenging aspect of yoga for many of us within our busy lives, attending a YTT gives you the opportunity to really focus on yogic meditation and being present in the moment. Since you’ll have the chance to turn more attention toward the more subtle aspects of your yoga practice – especially taking your yoga practice OFF the mat into the world – you’ll begin to master it in ways you may have struggled with before. The mindfulness behind your practice can contribute to all aspects of your life.

Spend more time on your asanas

Learning takes practice, and the best way to find more comfort, ease, and strength in various asanas—and learn how to teach them—is to do them more often! You may even find that your least favorite poses will eventually become your favorites, simply because you had to work hard to master them. As you learn how to assist your students during their practice and help them grow, you will learn to do more advanced versions of your own asanas.

Practice patience

Yoga is about listening to your body, and sometimes that means taking a break or easing back before you push yourself too far. Part of your YTT will be learning how to teach your students to listen to their own bodies, but that also means listening to your own. There will be times in YTT when you’ll need to choose to between pushing a little a further and resting, and learning how to make the right choice for your body will help you guide others.