Yoga Teacher Training: Peter Myers

September 24 | The Practice |


Peter Myers is a scientist and academic, a lifelong learner with a passion for exercise science. After receiving his undergraduate degrees in physics and studio art, he put his degrees to work as a New York City massage therapist and personal trainer. He is currently working on his PhD in Movement Science at Washington University School of Medicine, investigating the effects of motor imagery on balance control in people with Parkinson's Disease using neuroimaging. He is also a St. Louis graduate of the YogaSix Teacher Training Program. Learn more about Peter's YTT experience and how his studies influenced his Yoga Teacher Training below. 

Why did you decide to enroll in YogaSix’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program?

I just received the letter I wrote to myself at the end of YTT that reflects upon the training experience, and in my letter was also a sticky note with the intention I set at the beginning of training for why I decided to participate in YTT. The sticky note says, "I, Peter, am here to explore new communities and stumble upon exciting adventures."

"I, Peter, am here to explore new communities and stumble upon exciting adventures"

What was your favorite part of your YTT experience?

Without a doubt, the friends and yoga family I have gained from my YTT experience. I moved here for school, and had very few friends upon arrival. The amazing individuals I met through YTT and beyond are some of the most talented, beautiful, loving, and strong people I have ever met. I could not ask to have been with a more fabulous group of yogis. We supported one another throughout training, and that sense of community has continued to the present.

How has exercise science complemented your YogaSix YTT experience?

To my core, I am a scientist, and I believe that experience and research are the best ways for us to grow as individuals and build upon our knowledge base. While the Y6 YTT did not build upon my exercise science knowledge (this was my second 200h YTT, and I studied massage therapy, personal training, and exercise science between the two trainings), I use my knowledge of exercise science to inform the classes I lead and the teachings I offer.

What was the most important lesson you learned from YTT?

My experience overall with YTT was great, but anyone in my training group would tell you that our YTT leader and I constantly clashed with one another. The teacher would say one thing, my science would say another, and we would respectfully disagree about topics. While this may sound like an uncomfortable environment, the teacher and I ended on good terms. Additionally, I think our differing view points brought about constructive discussion for our group that, I hope, strengthened the lessons overall and created a space where everyone felt comfortable asking questions and voicing opinions. 

Sometimes one needs to go back to basics in order to move forward.

How have you grown -- in mind, body, and life -- after completing YTT?

In mind: I gained a deeper respect for myself, as a person, friend, student, and teacher.
In body: I train hard for obstacle races that leave my muscles worn out and sore. A regular yoga practice counteracts the constant beating my body endures.
In life: Sometimes one needs to go back to basics in order to move forward.

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